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Meet The Flawless Brush, enhanced.

  • Provides more control with elegantly shaped handle

  • 100% premium synthetic bristles for all skin types

  • Two finishing touches (ceramic white or midnight black)

  • Magnetic dock accessory (sold separately). Each brush magnetically snaps to dock like magic.

Professional brushes made Affordable

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100% animal-free

gentle enough for all skin types
applies an airbrushed finish

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Learn What Makes The Flawless Brush Pro+ so Different from Your Other Brushes

After thousands of 5 STAR reviews for our Flawless Brush by MyEssy the same request came back over and over - make the brush with a longer handle and offer more sizes. We listened!

The Flawless Brush Pro+ Set includes 6 uniquely designed brushes for contouring, eye shadow and eyeliner application, and powders or foundations.

The brushes are made with the same dense bristles popular with the Original Flawless Brush by MyEssy, meaning less product is needed per application so you're saving time and money while getting an airbrushed finish!

  • Made with Premium Synthetic fibres and polished ABS plastic grip

  • Dense bristles don't absorb product and are super soft

  • Multiple brush head sizes for Professional use at home

  • Apply products faster and more evenly with an airbrushed-like finish

  • Weighted with a magnetic base to magically snap to docking station!

Made For Any Skill Level for Professional Results

“This brush set makes applying your foundation flawless. I stand by their flawless brush and now with these I still use less product and gives a very sophisticated finish, even on my mature skin. PLUS the magnetic base is awesome, I would highly recommend it!”

Debbie Blunt, Customer of MyEssy

Verified MyEssy Customer

“I was already in love with the MyEssy brush, when they asked me to try their Pro version I thought I would just be trying one brush, but I got 6 brushes for their own individual purpose. My makeup is applied so much better. Very satisfied with my brush set!”

Kate Field, Customer of MyEssy

Verified MyEssy Customer

“I was skeptical about whether the brushes could spread foundation evenly. After trying these brushes they deliver an even distribution onto your skin, while staying dry and keeping its uniform shape. I did a comparison with my old brush, and these are truly the best.”

Amy Swift,  Customer of MyEssy

Verified MyEssy Customer

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Flawless Pro+ Brush Set

Home of the famous Flawless Brush

20,345 women love our brushes!

  • Provides more control than our original MyEssy brush with elegant handle

  • 100% Premium Synthetic bristles for all skin types

  • Two finishing touches (ceramic white or midnight black)

  • Magnetic dock accessory (sold separately) Each brush snaps to dock like magic!

  • Non GMO Project Verified

  • Low in salt, vegan and Gluten-Free

  • Top 8 Allergen-Free, whole fruit and vegetables

  • No additives or preservatives

Your Questions, Answered.

Still have questions? Contact us using several methods listed below.

What are the brushes made of?

Our brushes are made with premium synthetic fibers that areanti-absorbent and the elegantly shaped handle from ABS plastic, which is acommon thermoplastic polymer used commonly in many consumer productsand is noted for being safe, non-toxic and entirely recyclable.

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship worldwide and offer free standard shipping and faster paid options.

Does it work for powders and liquid foundation?

Our brush works great with liquid and powder foundation. Eitherapply the foundation directly on to the face and then use the brush or apply the product tothe brush first, and you dont need as much product. The dense bristlesof our brush makes blending super easy, leaving no streaks as the brushreally buffs in the product into your skin.

Are these brushes suitable for other uses?

Yes, absolutely! Like our Original Flawless Brush by MyEssy, the Pro+ brushes work very well with concealer, blush, eyeshadows, lotions and even self-tanners.

How do I care for my brushes?

We recommend wetting the brush with warm water and afew drops of brush cleaner or soft soap and gently massaging the tipsagainst your palm. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with the bristles facing down and dry with a cleantowel.Store your brushes in a cool, dry place.

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