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Reasons to Love Pizza

I want Pizza with my face on it - Jennifer Lawrence

It's not hard to go absolutely nuts for pizza. And while you may not go quite as pie crazy as the rest of us, it's hard to deny that pizza is great - especially for couples.

Pizza is growing more and more popular, so we've rounded up the top reasons why we absolutely love it.


Eating a hot slice in colder weather.

Eating pizza in car
Get your pizza on.


Sure, you can eat a warm slice of pizza during the summer, but unless you're sitting in a room with the central air blasting, its not going to be too comfortable. But in the Autumn and Winter, eating a right-out-of-the-oven piping hot pizza brings back memories in the back seat of a car opening a double box of pizza - steam forming on all windows, as you enjoy the deliciousness of what makes pizza so great.


There are lots of creative ways to making a pie.

Pizza cut differently
It's not just dinner.

Sure, most people usually order or make a pizza for lunch or dinner - but have you tried a breakfast pizza? There really isn't anyone stopping you from experimenting with whatever toppings you want. The more creative you are, the more great the pie.


You can have pizza for any occasion.

Whether Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas, or even a lazy Sunday.

Pizzas are versatile - you can call on them for any occassion, even before or after a wedding as we've seen a few times! How many times have you seen pizza used in pop culture, puns, classic movies, and more. There is one thing about pizza, and that is, it's not going away anytime soon.


Pizza raises your spirit.

eating pizza in bed
You can eat a slice even if you don't feel like doing anything, like eating.

Sure, there are other things you can consume or do to make you feel better - like a glass of wine, piece of cheesecake, or binge watch Netflix. But who hasn't felt a total 180 after eating a slice of pizza? You don't have to be passionate like us to know that pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and like my grade 8 teacher would say - It's Health!

You can cook for your guests without being scared.

four pizzas on table one being cut
Pizza is a great dinner idea, especially when you're hosting.

If you're a scaredy-cat like me when hosting dinner parties, there is nothing more fool proof that a great pizza pie. Its almost like you have to try to get it wrong. To cut out the steps and make it even more easier, you can purchase pre-made dough at your local grocer or pizzeria and toss what whatever ingredients you have, or even better, let your guests choose. Who doesn't like a 'custom' pizza?


Pizza may be an aphrodisiac.

couple eating pizza seductive
Get some pie, stat.

Like a McDonald's, a Pizzeria is not too hard to find. If you're with someone, this can actually be a bonus, since pizza may be an aphrodisiac to some people, and depending on what toppings you add, it may further get you in the mood.


Your Instagram will thank you.

group of people eating pizza and other food items on table
Pizza is a good social media aesthetic.

Who doesn't love a cute snap of pizza, whether on the beach, at the park, on the train, at work...uh, when is it not a good idea to eat pizza? You are bound to get inundated with all the "likes" that you can get from your circle topped friend.

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  • Kaison Redfern

    Very insightful post! I love pizza myself.

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