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Essential Tools For Cooking At Home

To achieve the perfect pie is not beyond your reach. In reality, you don't have to aim for perfect. As someone who has created their fair share of not-so-great pies in the kitchen, due to whatever the issue is (not enough time setting the dough) - I've always found one thing - the pizza always tastes great.

But there is one thing that does make a difference, and you may have experienced it if you were in the middle of making yourself a great pie when all of a sudden you are looking for that particular tool, and either you don't find it or you realize you don't have it!

To make your job easier in the kitchen, I've selected the right specialty tools that will make the job so much more easy. I've been making pizza at home for many years now and have tested my fair share of tools and multi-functional gadgets and have come up with my list of most useful tools for making a great pizza.

1. A Pizza Scraper

A Pizza Scraper is useful for splitting dough to smaller sized portions, scraping up stuck-on dough and flour from your counter, as well as a quick chopping aid for your vegetables and herbs. It's wide flat surface also makes it easy to scoop up toppings and drop them to where they need to go.

2. A Pizza Stone

A Pizza Stone offers great conductivity and heat transfer when baking at home - giving your pizzas crispier edges for that crunchy crust.

3. A Wooden Pizza Peel & A Metal Pizza Peel

Trust me on this - you need both! The Wooden Pizza Peel is ideal for launching your pizza into the oven, as dough tends to stick to metal more than to wood. Alternatively, a Metal Pizza Peel is ideal for sliding under a well cooked pizza and bringing it to the table.

4. A Pizza Wheel or Pizza Scissors

One can't help but think of a Pizza Wheel when thinking of making pizza. You can try to get away with a knife, but a traditional Pizza Wheel or a more modern Pizza Scissors is the way to go. These tools will cut your pizza without throwing your toppings and cheese all over the place, making a mess of your beautiful pie. Both items work great, the choice between the two is up to preference. I love them both. For a more even cut with less of a mess, a Pizza Rocker is amazing - we have one in our Premium Section.

5. A Cast-Iron Skillet or a Deep Dish Pizza Pan

A Cast-Iron Skillet is the perfect tool for making crispy edged pan pizza's at home. The Cast-Iron skillet we sell with our Premium products is a sure fire way of getting that perfect pan pizza, or, a Deep Dish Pizza Pan from our Essentials collection will also do the job with minimum effort and at a better cost. For a great Cast-Iron Pan Pizza Recipe, click here!

6. A Plastic Squeeze Bottle

A Plastic Squeeze Bottle is the most effective way of storing and dispensing olive oil or other sauces onto your pizza pie. Its also very inexpensive, and with this small tool, you can quickly and easily add more flavor to your pie.

Our Essential Pizza Tools were hand curated by us for its great functionality, and we've worked with our manufacturers to bring it to you for an amazing price. To shop our Essential Tools Click Here.

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  • Andam K.

    This is a good list and I totally agree. I have myself most of these, I did buy the pizza stone I have been meaning to try it, lets see how it turns out.

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