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Eat Pizza Everyday

Pizza is like the entire food pyramid - Madeline Oles


Eating Pizza Everyday seems to be something we might say, but not something we would do. Let alone a whole entire pizza. However, there have been some people who say it can be done, and they did it.

Take for example Brian Northrup who decided he would eat a entire medium Domino's pizza every day for a whole year! Why do this? Well, Brian wanted to prove something, not about pizza per se, but more to do with exercising and how it can overcome any diet choice.

Brian's year long pizza diet led him to actually lose weight, but again, it was because of rigorous exercise that he did about 4 times a week.

On the flip side, eating store bought pizzas, especially those made from a franchise, is often attributed to a not so healthy diet choice. However, pizza in general is not so bad. After all, pizza was invented as a quick meal you could put together with inexpensive items, but has now evolved into a global powerhouse with vastly varying toppings. Even more, every component of the pizza is changing and with experimentation, you can now find healthier options - like our Gluten-Free Dough recipe.

And then there was two. Another pizza lover by the name of Levi Verora Jr. attempted a 2-week whole pizza diet and....failed. He called it quits after 1 week of eating various pizza pies. He summed it up like this: He enjoyed the pizzas, but found himself not being nutritiously satisfied, if you will.

So just how much would a typical box of pizza run in terms of calories? Try about 2,000 to 2,500 calories, and that could be higher depending on the size and toppings. Generally speaking though, homemade pizza is widely considered a healthier alternative, and if you're up for it, our recipes can help you achieve great results.


  • Jeff

    I really wanted to do this

  • James

    Crazy! I would love to be eating pizza everyday

  • Jeff Martinez

    I definitely see the benefits from making homemade pizza opposed to buying pizza from the store.

  • Aaron S.

    Great post. I heard there was someone whos been eating pizza for 20+ years. Check them out.

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